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SPARK depends on talented volunteers to assist with its internal and external operations. Help us assure quality programs by volunteering to assist in the following areas:

*Publicity: Get the word out about the excellent SPARK classes and recruit new members

*Special Events: Assist in helping organize membership events

*Newsletter: Work with the newsletter editor in publishing the newsletter

*Curriculum: Assist the Curriculum Chair in setting up quality classes; serve as a coordinator for a lecture series

*Teaching: Use your talents to teach a class or lead a discussion group

*Computer: Serve on the computer committee to assure quality technology classes

*Contact us at 816-235-2870 and share your good ideas with us!


*Donations to SPARK contribute to the purchase of audiovisual and classroom equipment and cover other expenses associated with maintaining and improving delivery of SPARK programs.

*Gifts to the Frances McLaren Scholarship Fund are used to subsidize class fees for those who would like to participate but need monetary help.

*Gifts to the Instructor Recognition Fund allow us to present a gift bag to each instructor at the end of a class session.

*Memorial donations in memory of someone, or honor donations to celebrate a special person.

*InKind Contribution (noncash donations such as gift cards for instructors, equipment, supplies, etc.)

Frances McLaren Scholarship Fund

SPARK has assistance available to SPARK members needing some extra help with class fees. The Frances McLaren Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Frances by her family and through donations to the fund. If you would like more information or to request assistance, please contact Jan Parks at or 8165231723. All requests are confidential.