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YouTube Only – Spring 2021: Understanding Hindu Belief Through Sculpture and Architecture presented by Marcella Sirhandi



You will receive a private link to the YouTube recording of the Spring 2021 class

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In the course of six meetings we will look at sculptures and archaeological ruins from the Indus Valley in present- day Pakistan to explore the origin of Hindu belief, its earliest sacred texts (the four Vedas) and the evolution of varna (the cast system).  While Hindu temples are dedicated to a plethora of gods and goddesses, the TRIMURTI of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva – Gods of creation, preservation, and destruction – is the fulcrum upon which to examine cosmology and religious practice.  Stories pertaining to consorts and deities affiliated with the two major sects of Vishnu and Siva will be examined in context of temple architecture and sculpture.  The life of Krishna will be examined as a path to moksha, joining of the soul with the essence of the universe.  Reincarnation, cyclical destruction and recreation of the universe, meaning of the linga and yoni are concepts embedded within these discussions.


Instructor:  Marcella Sirhandi earned her PhD in South Asian art history from The Ohio State University and taught at the Kansas City Art Institute as well as the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She retired from Oklahoma State University as Professor Emerita in 2010. Her books and journal articles focus on contemporary Indian and Pakistani art.