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Membership Committee

The primary goal of our committee is to make sure members have a positive experience in SPARK. Without members, there would be no SPARK, so retaining members by creating a positive environment is very important to the livelihood of our group.

  • We develop and implement strategies to serve and retain members. 
  • We contact new members during class sessions to inquire about their experience.
  • We prepare and update name tags and the Name Tag Board. New member name tags display a colored strip signifying “New Member” and the year they joined. This enables existing members to recognize who is a new member and help them feel welcome to classes or activities they are enrolled in.
  • We identify and orient Class Coordinators. Class Coordinators can assist with both online and face to face classes. They are members who welcome other members as they arrive for class each week, keep class attendance rosters, help the instructor as needed with handouts or items, make pertinent announcements about upcoming SPARK activities, welcome new members, point out where restrooms are, provide safety information, and explain about refreshments for break time.
  • We distribute instructor evaluations and announcements to class coordinators.
  • We prepare gift bags for instructors one quarter each year.

If you would like more information about the Marketing Committee or would like to visit one of our meetings, indicate your interest on a class enrollment form or contact our Committee Chair, Wendy Sime, at or the SPARK Office and someone from the committee will contact you.