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Flossie Pack

Flossie Pack

When Flossie Pack, a longtime active member of SPARK, celebrated her 93rd birthday in December, she was in for a big surprise.  Her family presented her with a unique gift — a donation of $600,000 made in her name to SPARK.  This generous gift from the Pack family – in Flossie’s honor – acknowledges her love for SPARK and passion for lifelong learning.  These funds will help SPARK share with others – like Flossie – the opportunity for and value of lifelong learning.

Flossie joined SPARK in 2000, when she initially signed up for computer classes.  Over the past twenty-plus years she has continued this lifelong learning journey by participating in a wide variety of classes and activities. She will tell you that her favorite class has been the History of Western European Civilization taught by instructor Carol McCavitt.  Carol quips that this class began “with the great flood” and has traversed across locales from European History to World History and across time from ancient to present-day events.  Since the beginning, Flossie has enjoyed this journey with her many SPARK friends and classmates.

With this donation, the Pack family not only wants to foster the financial security of SPARK, but they also want to provide resources to expand the program.  The gift comes in two parts.  The initial large portion is intended to help enhance SPARK’s program with new technology and classroom furnishings, and to extend its public relations outreach.  The second portion will stretch over seven annual installments to strengthen SPARK into the future.  In total, the gift provides funding for marketing and operational support, advertising, printing and mailing of catalogs, website development, office and technology support, and speaker compensation.  Funds are also in place to provide new remote (aka Zoom) learning opportunities, including participation by members unable to attend in person.

In honor of Flossie and this tremendous gift, SPARK will now be known as The SPARK Flossie Pack Center for Lifelong Learning.”  Over the next year, our new name will appear on our website and in our publications.  SPARK will be working with our members to make changes that will expand our program while retaining the qualities and culture of SPARK that we all treasure.

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to Flossie and her entire Pack family !!